Question 1

The length of classroom is 9m. Its breadth is 6m. Calculate the perimeter of the classroom.

Question 2 

The perimeter of a square tile is 120cm. What is the length of the tile?

Question 3

The length of the painting is twice its breadth. If the breadth is 10cm, find the area of the painting.

Question 4

A picture is 34cm long and 12cm wide. Find the perimeter of the picture.

Question 5

Mrs Yong is going to sew a lace around a photo frame. If the length is 35cm and the width is 12cm, how much lace does she need?

Question 6

A square floor has a perimeter of 24m. Find the area of the floor.

Question 7 

A piece of carpet is fitted on a floor of 13m by 8m. What is the area of the carpet?

Answer :
1. 30m
2. 30m
3. 96cm2
4. 92cm
5. 94cm
6. 36cm2 
7. 104cm2 

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